Let fearless words from the heart stimulate you to reflect and explore.





Open the window, let the light shine through

Behave as normal, life is waiting for you.

Retrieve from the sunshine some blessings and curse

the pain in your eyes for over-exposed hurts.


Open the window, let the fresh air blow through

Behave as normal, life is waiting for you.

Take from the wind, a chance to refresh

Restart, commence to hurtle and rush.


Open the window, let your voice sing out.

Behave a bit different, start with a shout.

Give to the sunshine your bright inner rays

Do your best to show sprightlier ways.


Open the window, climb right out.

Dance like crazy, let rip and freak out.

Go with the wind, help it to whirl

Dazzle and storm, twist and twirl.


Fly and go faster, discover your flow.

Find lots of windows, break glass and show

What comes out when you’re open

Can be shiny and bright


It can hurt like hell and feel like shite.

But with every unveiling there comes something new

That lets life know you’re not waiting

You are busy being you.

Celia Keenaghan

Into the Sea

Into the Sea

As I walk into the sea on this November morning,
Rain falling from a grey sky
I laugh at the waves as they launch their attack.

I am able for you.
I enjoy your element of shock and surprise.
The seaweed that you smuggle catches and trips me.
And still I laugh.

I choose.
To face you head-on.
To joyously overcome terror and thank the swell for the lift that it gives me.

There are times when hunkering down and letting you wash over me is the thing to do.
Even then, you might decide to send forth another toss or tumble with vigour or with speed.

I know
If I play with you, go with you, trust my self
I will find fuel in those tumbles
And enjoy the ride to shore.

Celia Keenaghan November 2020