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Now is the Time

Welcome to my new online home which is my response to the significant social challenges surrounding the Covid pandemic.

A client recently told me that I had been instrumental in a success she was experiencing. I was at once humbled and inspired. She recalled a pivotal moment during our mentorship when I stopped and said to her ‘So now, you have a choice. The door is there, you can see the path that has taken you to it, you chose to be here, you know what is on the other side. You have brought people with you to this point. Are you now going to stay this side of the door and just see what happens? Are you waiting to talk some more, let someone less suitable take the lead or maybe hope that someone will open the door for you? Or are you going to step up and lead?’

Up until that point, her collaborative and facilitative leadership style was a key to her success. However, it was now blurring her vision for the next phase of her work. She was letting the thought ‘sure who am I to take the lead on this’ overshadow the indisputable evidence that because of her collaborative and authentic approach she had not just earned the right but also had a responsibility to step up and take the lead to bring the project to its next exciting level.

Her very specific feedback on my impact gave me the impetus to step up myself and open another door in my business – making clearer my offerings and their impact. I decided it was time to shine a light on the value that I place on facilitation, mentorship and creative practice. Being in the right place at the right time to help people open the door, separate reasonable doubt from limiting belief and take the step, is what I love to do and is my best way to impact positive social change in the world.

The one thing we know to be constant is change. At this time of rapid change in our world, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. I encourage you to tap into your own power, take control of what is within your circle of influence and accelerate the transformation of fear and anxiety into positive change and growth. Tap into what you enjoy, what you are good at and what gives you a sense of authentic power. Then look and see where that is needed in your family, community or workplace. In so doing you contribute to the many waves of positive social change happening which are often hidden by the over-focus on the dangerous waves that are also present.

International leadership consultant Meg Wheatley calls on us to ‘create islands of sanity in the midst of a raging destructive sea’. Taking mindful and realistic steps to build resilient families, communities and workplaces is key to societal wellbeing. When we do this with clear intent and focus, we start to notice and align with others with similar intent. Together we can create those islands of sanity and make the most of what we can do with our existing resources in our current context.

So here it is, a new site to help you develop your vision, authenticity, and capacity to use your experience as fuel for change. Now is the time to step into your authentic power and lead. Lead your self, your family, your team, your community, along an energizing and inspiring path to create positive waves of social change. Coming out of the pandemic stronger as a society is possible if we reflect on and learn from our individual and collective experience and commit to stepping up to lead with courage and heart’.