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Let me support you to step into your power to achieve impactful change.

Waves of Change Mentorship Programme for Leaders


I have worked with thousands of activists, managers, health & wellbeing leaders, community leaders, creatives, educators, entrepreneurs and academics. Some are leading edge pioneers surfing challenging waves and others are just getting started, creating ripples in the rockpools. All are committed to creating a more just and heart-centred society.

Celia is an excellent listener and holds a whole person view, the emotional, spiritual and cognitive dimensions of being and learning, She asks great questions that help me get to the heart of issues quickly. She offers her extensive mentorship experience and expertise as an act of support and solidarity, rather than acting as if she is the expert.  Celia is the embodiment of facilitating empowerment by helping her clients to realise their strengths and reminding them of their achievements.

Niamh Wilson, Domestic Violence Academic and Advocate

Celia’s relaxed manner and ability to translate and guide, transformed what could have been a confused, contradictory experience into something valuable that I can work with. Her willingness to follow up on the insights with actions and commitments support me to change my behaviours.

Eoin Kennedy Digital Communicator, Entrepreneur, Unconference Organiser


Celia is a gem! Warm, friendly and intelligent – full of blaze energy – a natural born Flow Consultant!

Duncan Stanley , Community Manager at GeniusU

Celia is a brilliant facilitator and mentor and an inspiring collaborator providing invaluable guidance to myself and my team in our events and our strategic planning. She brings great insight, clarity and enthusiasm and has really helped me to ‘practice what I preach’!

Eileen Forrestal, CEO, Get Up and Go Publications Ltd.

Celia helped me articulate and refine my business ideas,  into a meaningful and useful planning document. I found Celia to be very focused, practical and helpful especially in navigating the world of grant funding applications, partnership working and meeting deadlines.

Eithna O’Sullivan, Chef Proprietor, Eithna’s By The Sea.
Winner of Georgina Campbell Ireland Guide.
Seafood Restaurant of the Year 2014.


I just completed a call with Celia and wow…She connected right away to the soul of my challenge and together we came up with an idea that I had been stuck on for a long time.  Thank you, Celia.

Marie Ruzicka, International Transformation Storyteller & Author

If you are looking to make some big changes in your life, have an idea that you are ready to progress or are doing exciting work but want to achieve greater impact in the world, this programme is for you. 


The Waves of Change Leadership Programme offers three options:


  • Toe in the Water is for you if you want to find focus, enhance your sense of self, and clarify your purpose and your direction. For example, if you are starting or changing career.
  • Playing with the Waves is the mid-level programme, perfect if you want to progress a specific idea or project and need meaningful support and structure. For example, if you need to deliver a new strategic plan.
  • Full Immersion is ideal if you have a strong sense of purpose and direction and really want to harvest your experience and expertise to raise your impact to a new level. For example, if you want to expand to new markets, sectors or locations.
toe in the water

Toe in the water

If you feel you have more to offer but want help with focus, purpose and direction.

Man playing with the waves

Playing with the waves

If you have an idea or a project that you want to work on and want help with clarity and focus.

Surfer on the waves

Full Immersion

If you have a strong purpose and passion and want to have greater impact.


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