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Unlocking your creativity stimulates your authentic power source.

Creative Inspiration


I draw on a bountiful well of creative practice to guide you to recognise and nurture your own creative process. Spending more time creating something you enjoy such as cooking, music or your garden can significantly impact on your capacity to create positive waves of change through your work, your relationships or your own personal development.

Clear a barrier in one part of your life and you will feel the impact in all areas. Overcome one challenge and you have learned skills, built resilience and raised your capacity to overcome many more. I learned to swim as an adult when I learned to overcome fear. At first it was tentative, trusting myself to float in a swimming pool, now it’s full-on immersion in the ice cold winter waves of the Atlantic ocean. It’s mindful, it’s intentional, it’s an integration of many aspects of my identity and my life.


creativity call

Explore your creative block, identify some of the barriers and commit to proactive steps.

Keen Cards


Use high quality, visual prompts to assist with reflection, communication and collaboration.


Celia's Blog

Receive ideas, poetry and music to get your creative juices flowing.

Celia has worked with us on some extremely important pieces of work for the development & future funding of these services. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills to impart that in an easy, accessible manner. Amongst her many great qualities are her listening skills, her ability to put people at ease and get the very best from them. Celia is creative, confidential, focused, and has a great sense of humour. Tá árd mheas agam ar Celia mar dhuine agus oibrí.

Máire Ní Dhomhnaill, Director, Family Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo


I just completed a call with Celia and wow…She connected right away to the soul of my challenge and together we came up with an idea that I had been stuck on for a long time. If you are a remote worker, Celia is the go-to person for getting the most out of your experience. Thank you, Celia.

Marie Ruzicka on Feb 05, 2019, International Transformation Storyteller & Author


I have known Celia and worked with her on a variety of projects over a period of 25 years. Her work is exemplary; she possesses an intuitive spirit, shows commitment and has a collaborative approach in all work undertaken. She can work beyond a simple brief to obtain a complete result. Celia has excellent project management skills and always works to strict deadlines and well defined objectives. works hard to make great things happen.

Jim Meehan, Management Development Specialist, Meehan & Associates


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