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I facilitate transformative conversations and collaborations between and within teams and organisations.

Group Facilitation

I have facilitated hundreds of transformative group conversations and processes in fields of social change across health, community, education, activism, enterprise and the arts.

Dr. Celia Keenaghan is an excellent group facilitator with a wealth of experience and deep understanding and the ‘know how’ of collaborative processes. She can support inter-agency participation with respect for the various voices and variety of perspectives. Celia’s involvement supported the wider consultation process and participation across 50+ agencies, enhanced communication and engagement, improved motivation and helped us keep forward momentum, despite the challenges posed by COVID19 restriction. We continue to work with Celia and enjoy great benefit from her expertise as we set up a specific project or in the re-focusing of an existing collaboration.

Anne Timony Meehan, Donegal Children and Young People’s Services
Committee Co-ordinator


Celia worked with us to develop The Irish Gap Year Adventure and Leadership Program, Europe’s only Gap Year Association Accredited program, introducing us to key ideas in leadership and collaboration including Restorative Practice, now an important part of student management. 

Killian O’Kelly, Director, Irish Gap Year

Celia has worked on a number of projects for us in the social innovation sector.  Celia has a wonderful way of connecting and engaging people and manages various stakeholder expectations leading to a cohesive approach to managing projects.

Barry Sheridan, CEO, Irish Men’s Sheds Association

Celia has worked with us on some extremely important pieces of work for the development & future funding of these services. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills to impart that in an easy, accessible manner. Amongst her many great qualities are her listening skills, her ability to put people at ease and get the very best from them. Celia is creative, confidential, focused, and has a great sense of humour. Tá árd mheas agam ar Celia mar dhuine agus oibrí.

Máire Ní Dhomhnaill, Director, Family Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo


Celia’s expert facilitation and leadership skills got us through a number of HR challenges our organisation faced during her time as chair of These challenges were resolved effectively, leaving the organisation in the strongest position in its history. She also led the organisation in dealing with a significant media controversy, sustainability challenges and funder initiated merger discussions. Ultimately, Celia was passionate about the cause, effective in her leadership of the board and caring towards the staff and volunteers of the organisation. Her contribution to will be felt for a long time into the future and on behalf of the young people of Ireland, I’d like to thank her for her dedicated commitment to our work.

Ian Power, Executive Director,



I have known Celia and worked with her on a variety of projects over a period of 25 years. Her work is exemplary; she possesses an intuitive spirit, shows commitment and has a collaborative approach in all work undertaken. She can work beyond a simple brief to obtain a complete result. Celia has excellent project management skills and always works to strict deadlines and well defined objectives. works hard to make great things happen.

Jim Meehan, Management Development Specialist, Meehan & Associates


If you face challenges in negotiating power, personalities and purpose, I can support you to transform the challenges and achieve greater results with your collaborative practice and processes.

You can select from three online Group Facilitation packages that I have designed in response to current needs:

  • Connecting & Reflecting is for you if you are already managing collaboration within a team or a committee and the group needs an opportunity to press pause, reconnect with each other as a group, review all that has been achieved and identify what you want to bring forward into the next stage or phase.
  • Planning & Collaborating is for you if you are starting out on a project or building a team or committee. You will be facilitated to identify shared understandings, agree ways of working and create clear objectives and outcomes. Independent facilitation at this stage will save significant time, money and heartache as the work of your group progresses.
  • Reviewing & Learning is for you if your group have just completed a project or a phase of a project and want to examine the impact and revisit the direction and vision so that future work can build on the successes and learn from the challenges.
Connecting and Reflecting in a group

Connecting & Reflecting

Conversations to reflect on where you are at and to connect to each other.

Celia Keenaghan Planning & Collaborating

Planning & Collaborating

Practices and processes to plan and manage effectively.

Gleniff Horseshoe

reviewing and learning

Experiences to examine your impact, direction and vision.

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