KeenCards – helping you to Reduce Stress and Build Resilience – your own, your employee’s, your client’s.

Workplace stress, low morale, reduction in sales and unmet targets can often be rooted in poor communication and untapped creativity. Bullying, relationship difficulties and anxiety often stem from an inability to see things from a different perspective.

Reflection, communication and collaboration are essential skills in today’s workplace, schools, colleges, family and all relationships. Creativity in business is important as it involves the ability to come up with new and different viewpoints on a subject.

Sligo based entrepreneur, Dr. Celia Keenaghan has a wealth of experience in helping people work better together. Drawing on this experience together with her love of the landscape of the North West she has created a simple but highly effective tool that improves team communications and activates people’s creativity. The first in the KeenCards series, Working Better Together is a pack of 32 individual cards. On one side is a photo of the landscape and on the other is a carefully chosen word. The photo/word combination derive from uniting a sociological understanding of how people work together with what we can learn from nature where all elements have to work together to thrive.

Dr Keenaghan successfully launched KeenCards through – a funding website for creative projects. KeenCards is hosted by Keenaghan Collaborative a well established consultancy business based in the Innovation Centre at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. For further information contact